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Mosley Yardworks Services

With over 12 years serving Nebraska, Mosley Yardworks is proud to offer a wide array of services to Lincoln, NE and surrounding areas. If you are in dire need for any lawn services before the winter months set in, call Mosley Yardworks today!

Our services include:

lawn services
Underground Sprinkler Installation and Repair

We repair all major brands of underground sprinklers at a rate you can afford. With over 17 years of experience I’ve seen it all in the irrigation industry, no job to big or small. We also install brand new systems using whatever product you, the home owner prefers, I’ve been a Hunter brand installers for years, but if you prefer another brand, that’s fine by me.

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Plug aeration helps reduce thatch layer in the lawn which in return will help your lawn breathe better and allow more water to penetrate the soil. This in return will help reduce fungus. Best done in the spring and fall.

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Dirt Grading

Whether you’ve built a brand new home, had some work done around the home that disturbed the lawn, or are having some water drainage issues we can help.

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Lawn Seeding

We offer inner seeding to lawns that have thinned out due to fungus or drought, broadcast seeding on new lawns. I’ve had great success with broadcast seeding and skipping the higher cost of hydroseeding. We will sit down and discuss the different blends of grass available and help you chose the correct blend for your needs.

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Water Drainage Control (for the foundation of your home)

Since moving to Lincoln, I’ve become aware that many people are having water issues in their basement. MosleyYardworks has helped many people throughout the summer to diagnose the problem, and help remedy it. Many cases involved settling around foundation where dirt is needed to brought in and raise the landscape to a higher grade to divert the water away from the house.

Other cases involve running out downspouts underground to divert water away from house. Some cases were something as simple as an underground sprinkler head leaking water and creating an issue. MosleyYardworks will come out and evaluate the situation with you and put a plan to gather to help you divert water away from your foundation.

lawn services
lawn services

Landscape Lighting

Nothing completes your landscaping as much as lighting in my opinion. When your lights kick on automatically at night you will be impressed with how much lighting can intensify your landscaping.

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Six Step Fertilizer Program

Step 1: Dry fertilizer with crabgrass preventer, applied in April
Step 2: Liquid fertilizer with crabgrass preventer and broadleaf weed spray, applied in May.
Step 3: Dry fertilizer with Iron and Sulfur, applied in June.
Step 4: Dry fertilizer with Grub control, applied in July.
Step 5: Liquid fertilizer with broadleaf weed control, applied in September.
Step 6: Dry fertilizer, applied in October.

Current Special

With spring approaching, we are offering 10% off to anyone who signs up for a 6 step program in the month of March, and also anyone who signs up for underground sprinkler startup gets you one free head at time of startup.

To learn more about our services, or to schedule your winter snow removal needs, call Mosley Yardworks today at 402-217-0958!


Mosley Yardworks
9320 S. 32nd Street
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